About me

What is Selforax?

Selforax is a brand that focuses on the theme of “morning routine.” Here, I share tips on how to start your day well and bring out the best in yourself.

The topics include sports, meditation, journaling, manifesting, affirmations, and healthy nutrition, ensuring you have the perfect start to your day.

Why did I start it?

I used to wake up at the last second and started my day feeling completely tired. I would sleep in until I had to rush every day just to make it to work on time. Years later, I heard about the importance of taking enough time for myself in the morning to start the day with focus. I decided to give it a try because the way things were going couldn’t continue.

So, I committed to dedicate an hour to myself every morning. I started meditating, taking cold showers, reading, visualizing my future, affirming, and exercising. The result was surprising. I felt better than ever and had energy throughout the entire day. I effortlessly achieved all my goals and still had time for myself every day.

Because the morning routine has transformed my life so much, I want to share it with others and inspire you to try it as well.

Who I am?


  • I am motivated to help other people
  • For over 3 years, I have been consistently following a morning routine every day
  • I always try out your routines and share them here with you all
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Phone: +49 176 43613299